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Ted Nashland

  • Vista Expat Taxes Founder

  • Virtuoso American Expat Tax CPA

  • Master In Accounting From UNC Chapel Hill

  • Previously Worked At PwC

  • American Expat Living In France

I started Vista to offer a better way to file US taxes from abroad, treating my American clients the way I want to be treated. Therefore, you partner closely with an expert CPA, it’s easy to upload your information in our secure online app, and when we deliver your US tax returns, we’ll include a video explaining your outcome and how we optimized your tax position.

I found it frustrating working at larger accounting firms, as they oftentimes put structures, procedures, and profits before people. At Vista, the focus is and will always be on our American expat clients as individuals with unique lives and needs.

Living abroad is one of life’s great adventures, but as an American overseas, keeping up with US reporting isn’t easy. What credits or exclusions to claim, which forms to file, understanding international tax treaties, and figuring out the best way to report a foreign business requires extensive knowledge, and the difference between getting it right or wrong can be costly.

Thanks to having worked with countless Americans both domestic and abroad, I have the expertise to ensure you get your US tax filings right, while making the process quick and simple, so you can get back to enjoying your life. It’s a better way to file.

Everyone has questions before and during filing, and as a Vista client, you can always reach out, and we’ll always respond – no automated responses or replies from admin unaware of the details of your unique situation. Simply put, at Vista we take a view to you as a person, enhancing your short-term results while simultaneously seeking the best potential long-term outcome.

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